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studioWhat does Riverbirch Yoga offer?

Riverbirch Yoga on Lake Wylie offers explorations in Wholistic Living through Personal Yoga,  Creativity, and Spirituality.

NEW! - Intuitive Bodywork with Caroline Boatright, RN

Jan encourages you to schedule an appointment for YOU! ... If there's one thing I've included in my wholistic self care, it's therapeutic body and energywork. In addition to time I spend on the mat; the attention I give to what I eat; the seasonal, herbal, and Ayurvedic practices I follow; the practices in conscious awakening that I immerse myself in, I make time, barter services, and budget funds for professional massage and energetic clearing. Caroline is by far the most sensitive and intuitive practitioner I have worked with both personally and professionally and it is my pleasure to provide Riverbirch's special space for you to work with her! Together you will learn about the body you are living in and the best ways to care for yourself....." LEARN MORE

Yoga Classes

* Pay as you are able and called!*
Yoga classes provide space and guidance for you to move your body, deepen your breathing, release tensions, still your mental busyness. Ushered by a varied menu of physical and mental techniques, imagery, and personalized adaptations, you dive into a profound experience of what you feel, how you move and breathe, and focused awareness of each moment.

The class never follows the same routine or flow and each session uniquely honors the needs of all participants. A session may feel like a nurturing deep massage or like a spirited work out. You may find increased energy as well as a pleasant sense of relaxation. If you come to gain physical exercise, to lower your blood pressure, to tone and strengthen your physique, or to develop improved flexibility, you may be delighted by some unexpected side-effects: enhanced mental clarity, stimulation of creative energies, freeing up of fears. Just one warning … Riverbirch Yoga can be addicting to the body, to the mind, to the heart!

Monthly Activities

In addition to weekly studies on the Yoga mat and meditation cushions, Riverbirch offers some monthly experiences ....

Second Saturdays Reunion @ 8 happens from 8-10am on the 2nd Saturday of every month. It's an extended time in Yoga (occasionally with live drumming accompanying and encouraging individual expressiveness and always with a refreshingly-renewing Spirit!) Expect something inspiring and different on Second Saturdays! On some of these Saturdays, you are encouraged to stay after and enjoy Market! from 10-11:30 or so. It's an artsy, community sharing market set up outdoors when possible or in The Treehouse as needed. You are encouraged to bring your own handicrafts, garden produce, art, and things to sell, share, and swap as well. Tables for displays provided! Bring your friends ...


Guided Sadhana

Whether you are looking to deepen your experience of living through more dedicated sadhana practices or you feel called toward sharing your practices with others, Riverbirch Yoga’s individualized, highly personalized Guided Sadhana may be for you.

Whatever course you pursue on your Path, Riverbirch Yoga Guided Sadhana is ultra-personalized and tailor made by you in partnership with your Sadhana Guide. You are accountable only to yourself. Choosing to Consciously walk Your Path may be the single most freeing and challenging commitment you make in this lifetime. You will be nudged to WAKE UP - to DEEPEN YOUR AWARENESS - to ALLOW - and to BE. Take time to comtemplate and discuss how you will make this most loving commitment to yourself...then set it all free and immerse yourself in a new life of LIVING FULLY!

FOR DEEPENING SELF-STUDY: Has your experience in Yoga touched you and called to you to reach deeper? Do you crave to feel the personally-inspiring connection that your Yoga has begun to show you? Are you ready for a richer practice on and off your Yoga mat? Do the words “Path” & “Practices” ring with a certain magic to you? The Riverbirch Yoga Guided Sadhana is here for you; for you who seek a more focused commitment to your practices - even if becoming a teacher or other practioner is not in your plans or calling. The Guided Sadhana is designed as a passage through self-study and self-naming; exploring and enhancing your particular gifts and challenges, callings and truths. It’s all about you...all about YOUR Yoga. Your program will offer you opportunities to define
and re-define yourself and to move forward in your “dharma,” - your work of Love!

FOR RIVERBIRCH YOGA PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION: Riverbirch Yoga offers a 200-hour self-guided apprenticeship individually designed to enhance your particular gifts and yearnings. With the opportunity to apprentice with an experienced Sadhana Guide, you co-create your own practitioner certification program choosing a schedule, level of commitment, goals, program length, and content that most closely express your individuality. You
reach into areas of study that speak to you, that inspire you to look deeper into what’s true for you. Based in the essence of original and innate Yoga, you may seek certification as a Riverbirch Yoga Teacher, as a Riverbirch Yoga Sadhana Guide, or under a dharma title of your own calling! Ultimately, in whatever application and audience you reach out to, you will be sharing YOUR Sadhana,
YOUR Yoga unique to you alone but a true inspiration others who are on their own Paths.

Personalized Sessions for Individuals and Groups

Private and personalized Riverbirch Yoga sessions can be created for individuals and groups.  Such sessions are charged at an hourly rate and for groups have a size minimum.

Individuals may seek private sessions for a variety of reasons: Have an injury or physical challenge you’d like some individual guidance with? Want to dive deeper into your personal practice? Seeking a personal trainer with a Yoga flavor? Want to develop practices to use on your own in between classes or expand your Yoga more fully throughout your lifestyle? Shy about trying a class? Desire a professional guide to help you walk through a transitional time of life or a creative or spiritual journey? Simply want some “you time” that’s focused completely on your needs and challenges?

Groups of all sorts can set up one-time or ongoing sessions tailored to their members’ needs. Examples of groups that have experienced personalized Riverbirch Yoga sessions have included businesses for work teams, retreats, or professional days; social, study, and professional groups; family, women’s, and friends’ gatherings.


Riverbirch Yoga offers many variations of the retreat experience. As a matter of fact, anytime you spend at Riverbirch is a retreat from the everyday, a retreat in Nature, a retreat into time with yourself!

Choose what you can do and make time for yourself!

Day and Weekend Retreats - We offer at least 2 retreats each year, Fall and Spring. Some involve a full weekend, some half and full days. Retreats at Riverbirch offer busy folks a way to retreat without leaving town and to those who seek to deepen their Yoga practice, a day or two of personally-immersed time. Retreat days slide gently from time on the mat into silent meals and walks, from quiet personal exploration activities into relaxing and inspiring small group spiritual and creative adventures. Expect a nap sometime during the day as you develop your practice of Yoga Nidra. Expect nourishingly delicious fresh and whole vegetarian meals and snacks. Expect nurturing words and images. Expect to return home renewed and with some tools for sustained mindfulness and day-to-day self-caring.

Personalized Day Retreats for YOU alone!
In addition to scheduled group retreats, you can also schedule time at Riverbirch for your own personal day retreat. Take time in nature and away from your life’s demands to clear your head, renew your spirit, enter silence, breathe, nourish your body, regain your natural rhythms. The Riverbirch Treehouse Studio and acre on the lake can be available to you to read, lounge, write, vision, artistically create, spend time on the Yoga mat or in meditation, be silent and still or move and shout! Specialized whole foods can be prepared for you as ordered from our nourishingly delicious menu. The Lending Library, Yoga props, stereo, and wooded setting of The Treehouse can be your cocoon and refuge. We will offer you a nurturing and magical setting to do the work you need to do to renew and refresh. A private Yoga, energy balancing, and/or massage therapy session can be scheduled for your day as well. 

In many ways, the sky’s the limit to the day of renewal you can create especially for you!


Seasonal Celebrations

Riverbirch offers two annual community celebrations: Summer Body and SOULstice and SOULSTICE! Celebration of Gifts at the Winter Solstice are held sometime around each of the two seasonal Solstices. Various activities include fire circle and burning to release the past and dive headlong into the present and future ... as well as storytelling, drumming, chanting, foods, meditation, candles, creative-expressive activities, readings, music.

Workshops and Study Series Opportunities
Occasionally a day workshop or a series of special study classes/workshops may be offered. Some past options have included: Partner Yoga & Massage, Creating a Daily Yoga Practice, Creative Gift-making (including clay arts and wreath-making,) Deep Awareness Meditation, as well as  Living Fully - Daily Spiritual and Whole-health Practices.


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