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studioWhat is Riverbirch Yoga?

This question is asked in a variety of ways….

“What style is Riverbirch Yoga?”  … “Where does Riverbirch Yoga come from?” … “How does Riverbirch Yoga differ from other Yoga at gyms, studios, and schools elsewhere?” 

A couple quick and simple answers followed by a little more discussion…

1. Riverbirch Yoga is simply and deeply a study of YOU.

2. Riverbirch Yoga includes, but goes beyond, the time you spend on a Yoga mat moving, breathing, and meditating.  In fact, Riverbirch Yoga wholistically embraces one's full life experience.

3. Riverbirch Yoga is the name I have given to my practice, my approach. 

I am certified as a Kripalu Yoga Teacher and have training and certifications in a variety of wholistic practices including Ayurveda, Music and Creative-Expressive therapies, herbal healing, energy sharing, Deep Awareness Meditation, and whole foods nutrition.  My training has given me opportunities to develop my gifts; however, I teach from my own “Sadhana,” a Sanskrit term which implies “Personal Practices” or “Path.” To learn more about me, please click here.

From what I know within myself and have gleaned from deep historical and personal studies, the true and honest definition of Yoga is expressed by each individual rather than a teacher, school, or program.  Yoga is best expressed and experienced without boundaries or definitions.  Yoga is meant to be personal and wholistic in scope.  Rather than a set curriculum, it is an organic and evolving process prescribed to and by an individual’s unique needs and constitution.  What works for me may not work for you, and so on. Each teacher and each student of Riverbirch Yoga will express her Yoga in different ways; thus, the practice has little tangible definition. But if asked, most practitioners would agree that Riverbirch Yoga expresses the following vital foundational elements: non-judgment, personal practice, freedom, individual self-expression, releasing and opening vs stretching and pushing.

I named the practice after my homeplace on Lake Wylie, Riverbirch.  But the name isn’t quite as shallow as that sounds.  From a romantic point of view, the riverbirch tree is a beautiful example of the life of a Yogi or Yogini since the tree naturally lives by rivers with roots reaching toward and grounded in the waters as well as roots on the dry and solid land; thus, the Yogi’s life of living in both the human and spiritual worlds.  Furthermore, Riverbirch Yoga is a true “Yoga style” as defined by the following:

1. There are teachers trained in the style who are now Certified Riverbirch Yoga Teachers after completing a 200-hour intensive personal/professional training following national certification standards.

2. Students who participate in Riverbirch Yoga experiences can easily characterize what Riverbirch Yoga is to them.


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