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Riverbirch Yoga is simply and deeply a study of YOU.

Riverbirch Yoga includes but goes beyond the time you spend on a Yoga mat moving, breathing, and meditating. In fact, Riverbirch Yoga wholistically embraces one's full life experience.

While you might come to open your body, you might discover your heart opening as well. Although you walk in the door expecting to gain increased physical flexibility and strength, you may walk out the door feeling more flexible and strong in your mind and spirit. When you look to quiet your mind, you may end up with more energy than you knew you had!

Riverbirch Yoga offers you space to be with yourself....to do the work you need to do to feel more alive, healthier, at peace, able to take the next step, centered within your own personal Truth.

Riverbirch Yoga invites you into the world of Sadhana (personal Path and Practices) which wholistically reaches into your spiritual and creative self as well as the body you live in! Off the mat, we offer opportunities to explore varied naturally expressive options including play, movement, study, energy sensing and sharing, community, soundings, drumming, meditation, herbs, Ayurveda, dance, clay, writing, collage, nature ... all expressed and explored with a freeing Yogic spirit...

I welcome you to Riverbirch, a unique Yoga location set in Nature and to Riverbirch Yoga, a unique Yoga experience springing from simple roots....

I look forward to sharing Yoga with you!

Love and Light,





No classes at this time ...

Sometimes The Path branches off in a way you don't see coming, you're moving along and find yourself pulled ... or nudged .... or even slammed in a surprising direction; one that feels absolutely "right" and "needed" but you had no idea ...

That's where I am right now. Last month my Path called me to re-direct and I am still astonished by its suddenness in my life. The call: take some time away from teaching. "What?!," my mind screamed. "As you wish," breathed my soul. "Slow down and BE LIGHT," is the guidance I hear from within and without. And so it is....

Rattled a bit but following, I am listening, breathing, and yes, ALLOWing. That is The Path. That is Sadhana. That is my practice and calling always.

If you are on my email distribution list, you'll hear when I know more. Till then, I wish for you the time, space, and energies that you require to be The Light who YOU are called to BE....

Love and Light,

Jan Pendleton, Riverbirch Yoga



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Contact Jan for individual Yoga & Meditation studies, Sadhana guidance, or connections with healing arts possibilities (massage therapy, energy balancing, meditation, wholistic wellness practices, creative-expressive therapies.)

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